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Donna Karan
Perhaps most famous for inventing the bodysuit in the 1980s, Donna Karan is now one of the most recognizable designer names in American fashion. But aside from her groundbreaking creations for professional women, her brand is also well-known for its successful line of Donna Karan perfumes and colognes. If you’re looking to stock up on an old favorite, find a new signature scent, or buy a gift of Donna Karan cologne for men in your life who deserve something special, you’re in the right place: With Fragranceshop, you can find all of the designer fragrances you need at the best prices. Donna Karan was born in Forest Hills, N.Y., in 1948. Her mother was a model and her father a haberdasher, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Karan was obsessed with fashion from an early age. After two years at the Parsons School of Design, she went to work at Anne Klein, making moderately priced sportswear, an opportunity that would lay the groundwork for her to be able to found her own company in 1984. Donna Karan New York would go on to become one of the top luxury brands in the world. Karan’s clothes rarely grabbed headlines, but they were always easy to wear in the real world. Their blend of cashmeres and Lycras and sophisticated palette dominated by blues and blacks allowed for a practical, mix-and-match approach. Her first scent, Donna Karan perfume for her, took a similar approach, mimicking the sophisticated versatility of her women’s clothing line with a mix of apricot, neroli, peach, cassia, jasmine, rose, orchid, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood that can go from the office to an evening out. The success of this scent paved the way for many other best-selling Donna Karan fragrances, including Cashmere Mist and Be Delicious, both of which would spawn numerous successful variants, from Cashmere Mix Luxe and Liquid Cashmere to Be Delicious Crystallized, Be Delicious Kisses, and Be Tempted. Popular scents including Be Delicious and Red Delicious were adapted into Donna Karan cologne for men as well, though not all of the brand’s colognes are partnered with perfumes. For instance, the original DK cologne is a uniquely masculine combination of leather, almond, juniper, lavender, and amber. Other popular Donna Karan fragrances for men include DKNY Energy and DK Men Unleaded. Whether you’re a fan of a dark, sensual scent like Black Cashmere, a lighter Donna Karan perfume for her like DKNY Nectar Love, or a warm, spicy cologne like Love From New York, you can find it here at a discount price, and free shipping is also available. We sell more than 9,500 fragrances, including a full range of Donna Karan perfumes, and we guarantee the authenticity of every product we carry: You’ll find no knockoffs here. We also offer a member loyalty program that allows our customers to save even more. Place your order today!

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