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Estee Lauder
Estee Lauder is a cosmetics company known around the world for its beauty and skincare products, including a highly regarded collection of luxury perfumes and colognes. The company was founded by Estee Lauder, a woman who had neither a college degree nor formal business training; instead, she brought to the table a true understanding of what other women liked and wanted in a fragrance. At Fragranceshop, we carry many types of Estee Lauder perfume at the best prices so that you can find your next signature fragrance at an affordable price. The very first Estee Lauder perfume was called Youth Dew. By the early 50s, the Estee Lauder Company had already earned a reputation for innovation, research, and quality because of its skincare products. But Lauder was also passionate about fragrances, and in 1953 she decided to turn her focus in that direction only to create a new line of best-selling products. Some of the most popular Estee Lauder perfumes today include White Linen, Spellbound, and Beautiful. The Estee Lauder cologne collection includes products like Pleasures, Intuition, and Mustang for the man who wants to smell his best. The popularity of Mustang, inspired by the Ford sports car, has generated an entire subset of Estee Lauder fragrances, including Mustang Blue, Mustang Sport, and Mustang Performance. But no matter what your interests or tastes may be, you’re sure to find your perfect Estee Lauder cologne for men or perfume for women. If you know what scents you’re looking for, you can use our navigation menu on the left side of the page to check the appropriate boxes and narrow your results. Today, the Estee Lauder collection of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products exemplifies what art and science can achieve, and you can get these designer products for less when you shop with Fragranceshop. Whether you want to buy a special fragrance for her promotion at work, his birthday, or any other occasion, you can save money with us. When you’re a loyal customer (as we’re sure you will be), you can earn even greater discounts through our member loyalty program. Shop with us today for the best prices on luxury fragrances and more.
Q: What is the most popular Estee Lauder perfume?
A: According to Estee Lauder’s best sellers page, their most popular perfume is their Beautiful Belle Eau de Parfum spray. It’s described as a floral amber fragrance that has a romantic, carefree, and even irreverent feeling, making it perfect for the hopeless romantic who breaks all the rules. Some of the specific notes in this fragrance include Lychee, Rose Petals, and Marzipan Musk.
Q: What is the original Estee Lauder perfume?
A: The very first fragrance from Estee Lauder was called Youth Dew. Originally launched in 1953, Youth Dew is spicy, balsamic, woody, and earthy all at once, packaged in a sophisticated dark amber glass flacon which is embellished with a small golden bow. Estee Lauder created the scent so that women could feel pampered and loved, and since it’s still such a popular scent today, it’s safe to say that she succeeded.

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