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Burberry released its first designer fragrance in 1981, and since then, the Burberry fragrance line has expanded to include a number of great scents for modern adventure-seekers and risk-takers. You’ll find them at discount prices with Fragranceshop. If you’re looking for a great gift but not sure which scent to choose, try Burberry Brit, one of the top scents from Burberry for women. This Burberry perfume captures an air of beauty and charm for the woman who takes adventure with her everywhere she goes. It’s a festive, fruity floral that promises an enchanting aromatic journey to both the wearer and everyone lucky enough to meet her. Interested in learning more about the most popular Burberry perfumes and colognes?
Read on in our Best Burberry Perfumes of All Time Guide The eponymous Burberry is our most popular cologne from Burberry for men. It has notes of cedar, oak moss, and sandalwood, inviting the wearer and those around him on a stroll through the English countryside. This Burberry cologne is subtle and sophisticated, making it good for professional and everyday wear. No matter which authentic Burberry perfume or cologne you choose, when you shop online with Fragranceshop, you’ll save a bundle. Buy genuine designer fragrances at a discount today!

Q: Which Burberry is best?
A: The best way to decide which Burberry fragrance you think is best is to try a few for yourself. The most popular Burberry fragrance on our website is Burberry Body, a women’s fragrance made up of woody, musky, and powdery notes that are intoxicating and sensual. The fragrance with the highest review count, on the other hand, is the Burberry Brit women’s perfume, a fruity, floral fragrance that captures an air of beauty and charm.

Q: What does the Burberry perfume smell like?
A: The Burberry perfume, named after the brand, is a charming, minimalist fragrance made of a blend of fruit, wood, and floral notes. It opens with head notes of tart black currant and green apple and finishes with notes of spiced cedar and vanilla with notes of jasmine, oakmoss, and sandalwood in between. It was originally released in 1995.

Q: What does Burberry cologne smell like?
A: Each Burberry cologne is going to have its own unique scent, but the men’s fragrance called Burberry is a woody aromatic fragrance that is sophisticated and subtle enough to be worn every day. The opening notes consist of crushed mint leaf, thyme, bergamot, and lavender, followed by floral heart notes of jasmine, geranium, cedar, oakmoss, and sandalwood. The aroma finishes with base notes of vanilla, light musk, and amber.

Q: Is my Burberry cologne for men?
A: Yes, cologne of any kind is specifically designed for men. Typically, fragrance companies create either feminine perfumes or masculine colognes to be worn by women and men, respectively. If you’re a woman who just enjoys the scent of Burberry cologne, though, you can certainly still wear it.

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