5th Avenue EDP Perfume For Women 125ml



Brand: Elizabeth Arden

Launched In: 1996

Size: 125 ml

5th Avenue EDP Perfume for Women 125ml

5th Avenue EDP Perfume for Women 125ml by Elizabeth Arden is a perfume that brings out a revived sensation of spring with its perfect, particular fragrances. The base notes are made out of iris, vanilla, golden, sandalwood and Tibetan musk, which arrange this perfume with an ameliorating yet sharp state of mind.

Jasmine, Bulgarian pink violet, carnation, ylang-ylang, Indian tuberose, nutmeg and peach shape the heart notes, giving a botanical bunch of blooming roses. Polishing it off are the top notes of dewy magnolia, bergamot, linden bloom, lilac and mandarin, adjusting the sweet, fine disposition of this aroma.

This perfume was initially made in 1996 by Ann Gotlieb. Elizabeth Arden is a skin health management, beautifiers and scent organization established on Fifth Avenue in 1910, set on making items only for ladies.

The author accepted that the magnificence of each lady ought to be emphasized, which is actually what this perfume does. It features the flower, light notes without overwhelming the faculties. It is an exemplary that has stood the trial of time.

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INGREDIENTS: Lime (Linden Blossom), Lily-of-the-Valley, Lilac, Magnolia, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Jasmine, Tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, Peach, Ylang-Ylang, Violet, Carnation and Nutmeg; base notes are Musk, iris, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla and Cloves.


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